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Trip Overview
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New Guinea, A Lost world, is in the news
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Lost World in Foja Mountains
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Bruce Beehler on team and auther of best bird guide to NG
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NG is a unique island biome
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Krakatau's sterilizing eruption allows study of isolated island evolution
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Table showing result of island dwarfism of rodents and gigantism of carnivores
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Discovered Golden-mantled tree kangaroo in New Guinea is small and docile
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Smoky honeyeater - skin pigment can change color (red) in seconds
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New Guenea is located with in bio-rich equator
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Unnoticed, coral reefs are an important to equatorial Island biodiversity
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PNG diversity is still superb - (Why I went).
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Flight Route 50+ hours of flying
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Stopover - a day in Singapore
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Singapore a country, island and city
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Jurong Birdpark in Singapore
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Heliconia (Bird-of-paradise family)
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Conservation education at park
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Park is beautifully landscaped
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pond ecosystem
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One of the largest Aviaries
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Myself and Rainbow Lorikeet
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Rainbow Lorikeets
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Lorikeet morp
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Aviary View
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Glossy Starling
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Golden Torch Heliconia
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Birds Beak Heliconia
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Flowering Tree
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Common Gliding Lizard
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Common Gliding Lizard close-up
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Onto PNG and Scuba
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Our Ship Star Dancer
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PNG Flag
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Mike, Rick, Steve, Steve B., Angie, Jim, Steve B's D, Michael, Kathy, Ken - Big Thanks to Mike, Ken, Jim for Scuba and Land pics - Stellar.
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Superb images by great dive budies
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Crew - Professional and fun, made the trip
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Dive Guide
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Equipment Mgr
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Thanks Rick for the Nitrox Certification
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Main deck 1
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Main deck 2
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Main deck inside
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Cooks, House Keep, Sharp-eyed divers
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Top Deck 1
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Deck Deck 2
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Marine Chart of Rabaul
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Two Volcanos and a dive site
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Dive Breef
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Heven is 30 feet under
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Everything is alive
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Big Nose Unicorn Surgeon Fish
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Big Longnose Butterflyfish not the same species as -
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Longnose Butterflyfish (not Big Longnose)
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Yellowfin Parrotfish young above and mature below
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Checkerboard Wrasse
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Clarks Anenome
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Spinecheek Anenome
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Orange-finned Anenome
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Golden Damselfish
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Indopacific Sergent Damselfish
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Blueback Damselfish
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Jim's fly-by
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Japanese Zero
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Entering Cockpit
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Coral on Dash
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Blackfin Baracuda
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Silvertip shark
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Longfin Teira Spapefish
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle and dive buddy
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Hawksbill Seaturtle
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Spotfin Lionfish
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Ringed Pipefish
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Cockatoo Waspfish
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Reef Cuttlefish can change colors in a flash - note dark brown
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Reef Cuttlefish - Color shift to white
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Fire Dartfish
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Oriental Sweetlips
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Wrass with small female Redfin Anthias above
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Clown Triggerfish
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Nudibranch, Magnificent Chromodoris
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Christmas Tree Worms
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Single Christmas Tree Worm
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Estuary Seahorse
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Estuary Seahorse close-up
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Sea Star - no longer called a starfish
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Papuan Scorpionfish
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Papuan Scorpionfish close-up
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Back above the sea
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I was dropped off on an island for birding
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No birds, but return by motorboat I saw flying fish ----
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They flew 10cm above water for over a 100 meters----
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16th Century voyagers named the constellation Volans after these incredible fish
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Aquatic flight study of the bird wrasse
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Movie of Green Bird Wrasse
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What are fish and birds and what are the similarities and differences
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Sashimi the real way
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Seasonal native fishing hut
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Papuan fishermen
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How Papuan Islanders travel
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Anchored off Mioko Island village
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Mioko village Sunset
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Nightime visit
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Morning visit
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Village Depart
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Star Dancer and Crew
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Village landing
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School Kids
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Movie of Miokoan Children Singing
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Miokoan Home
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Court House
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School Visit
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The Son of School Principle
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Schools out
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School Agricultural Garden
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Thumbs up = Hi, Cheers, Best to you
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Good custum of bringing gifts
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Song long and best to you.
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Volcano Visit
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Rabaul Volcano
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New Growth from 1994 Eruption
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Minor Eruption shot A
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Minor Eruption shot B
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Minor Eruption shot C
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Volcano Close-up
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Islet is early volcano cental remnant
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Landing in Rabaul, end dive portion of trip
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Very nice cabin after live-aboard
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Inside Cabin
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Garden, Vandas Orchid
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Outside Restuarant
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Papuan Mask
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Papuan carving
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Outside Japanese WWII Cave
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Inside Japanese Cave
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Island View
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Volcan shore
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Rabual bay is itself a caldera
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Papuan Atols
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Trip map - journey to Port Moresby and Highlands for birding
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Birding with Security Guards in Port Moresby
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Papuan Coast
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Papuan Highlands
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Landing in Tari
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Airport crowd
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Market people watching airplane and us
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Hotel Transport
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Tribal toll - they dismantle the road
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And then they fix the road for a fee
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5 hour drive to 7000 feet
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Roadside Flowers
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WOW paradise - View from Ambua Lodge
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Ambua room has 180 degree view
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Lodge main area
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Myself with best avian guide in Highlands Dennis
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9000ft looking for Birds of Paradise
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Stephanies Astrapia Bird-of-Paradise
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Stephanies Astrapia close-up
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Brown Sicklebill, Bird of Paradise
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Door to Huli land
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Dawn view looking for Blue Bird of Paradise
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Female Blue Bird-of-paradise sean first
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Male Blue Bird-of-paradise
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Blue Bird-of-paradise
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Blue Bird-of-paradise Calling
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Step brigde to see Owl
Source  :  PNG_182.jpg
Sooty Owl
Source  :  PNG_183.jpg
Sooty Owl Close-up
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Yellow-billed Lorikeet
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Paradise Found
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Return home was non-stop strait from Tari.
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At lest part of it was on Singapore Airlines
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The end
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