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Trip to honor LP in science, sight seeing and birding
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Plane to Spain
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Seville Hotel Roof Top
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From Roof Top
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Old Seville - Streets are narrow to block Sun
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School Kids
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Spanish tile
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Spanish tile fence
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In front of Military Museum
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Military Museum
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The Alcazar, the royal palace in Sevilla
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The Cathedral of Seville
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Beautiful Stain Glass Lighting
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From tower
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We had coffee there
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Old meets Modern
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Carve facade can not be built anymore
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Courtyard view and Plaza de Toros in background
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Sevilla Bullring close up
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Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza
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Inside ring
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Seville Sqaure
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Evening shopping and moped parking
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Always a place for to quench thirst and to have topas
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On to Southern Coast
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Tile Province of Cadiz
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We stayed in Santa Maria, birded Doñana Parque and visited Cadiz
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Debbie and Michael
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Walking around
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Michael Deb Anne and Les
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George and Michael
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Church of 1851
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The Cathedral of Santa Maria
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White Stork needs nesting material
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Stork flies to next nest
Source  :  Spain_037.jpg
Stork takes nesting material
Source  :  Spain_038.jpg
Takes off
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Flies back to her nest - while the other stork is getting nesting material of course
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stork 6
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stork 7
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stork 9
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Coatal cactus
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Near Rota on coast
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Sardonian Warbler
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Old Ruins and Cliff
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Turnstones with two Sanderling
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Take Flight
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Caspian Tern
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Caspian Turn take 2
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Common Sandpiper
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View From Hotel - note wetlands
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Spoonbill 1
Source  :  Spain_055.jpg
Spoonbill 2
Source  :  Spain_056.jpg
Spoonbill 4
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Black-winged Stilt
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Black-winged Stilt take 2
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Common Redshank
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Grey Heron fishing
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Back at Hotel
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Rock Salt fish
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Evening Fountain Square
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OCC conference
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Dinner at Sherry Winery
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In town
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Santa Lake
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Vineyard Birding
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Drive to Doñana National Park
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Plaza de Toros along the way
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Bull in the fields
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View from Doñana National Park
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Grey Heron
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Flamingo Flight 1
Source  :  Spain_079.jpg
Flamingo Flight 2
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Flamingo Flight 3
Source  :  Spain_081.jpg
Flamingo Flight 4
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Close up
Source  :  Spain_083.jpg
In Flight 1
Source  :  Spain_084.jpg
In Flight 2
Source  :  Spain_085.jpg
In Flight 3
Source  :  Spain_086.jpg
In Flight 4
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Canal Birding
Source  :  Spain_088.jpg
Pink, Slender Bill Gull
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Source  :  Spain_091.jpg
Female Lesser Kestral Close-up
Source  :  Spain_092.jpg
Female Lesser Kestral hunting 1
Source  :  Spain_093.jpg
Female Lesser Kestral hunting 2
Source  :  Spain_095.jpg
Fly by after kill
Source  :  Spain_096.jpg
Peregrine Falcon
Source  :  Spain_097.jpg
Male Lesser Kestral
Source  :  Spain_098.jpg
White Wagtail
Source  :  Spain_099.jpg
Drive to Gibraltar from Cadiz
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Southern Spain Countryside
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Costal Mountains
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Costal Mountain Town
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Source  :  Spain_105.jpg
Inner coast farm
Source  :  Spain_106.jpg
Southern Spain farm
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Inner Coastal Drive
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Inner Coast
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Source  :  Spain_110.jpg
Tarifa tile
Source  :  Spain_111.jpg
Coast just outside Tarifa
Source  :  Spain_112.jpg
German's Surf Car
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Source  :  Spain_114.jpg
Meadow Pipit with White Wagtail
Source  :  Spain_115.jpg
Two Sanderlings with Kentish Plover
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Source  :  Spain_117.jpg
Fort Tarifa
Source  :  Spain_118.jpg
Coastal view
Source  :  Spain_119.jpg
Ocean view
Source  :  Spain_120.jpg
Old City
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Source  :  Spain_122.jpg
Source  :  Spain_123.jpg
Power Mills on hill befor Algeciras
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Source  :  Spain_125.jpg
The Rock of Gibraltar
Source  :  Spain_126.jpg
Rental Car
Source  :  Spain_127.jpg
Gibraltar has a history of Defence in Wars - It is full of tunnels for cars and soldiers
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Source  :  Spain_129.jpg
The rock is owned by the UK
Source  :  Spain_130.jpg
Town Center - losey fish and chips
Source  :  Spain_131.jpg
We will drive to top
Source  :  Spain_132.jpg
View from the top
Source  :  Spain_133.jpg
View 2
Source  :  Spain_134.jpg
UK's Shipping Port
Source  :  Spain_135.jpg
Barbary Ape
Source  :  Spain_136.jpg
Barbary Ape is actually a tailess monkey
Source  :  Spain_137.jpg
Beautiful Family
Source  :  Spain_138.jpg
That familly was watching Debbie - I think they though she was crazy
Source  :  Spain_139.jpg
A little Barbary a little wet
Source  :  Spain_140.jpg
On to Paris
Source  :  Spain_141.jpg
Near our Hotel De Lutece
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Source  :  Spain_143.jpg
Notre Dame
Source  :  Spain_144.jpg
High inside
Source  :  Spain_145.jpg
A little bigger than Lafayette's
Source  :  Spain_146.jpg
Stained Glass
Source  :  Spain_147.jpg
Source  :  Spain_148.jpg
Notre Dame at Night
Source  :  Spain_149.jpg
Night time Stroll
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Source  :  Spain_151.jpg
Paris Shopping
Source  :  Spain_152.jpg
More Shopping
Source  :  Spain_153.jpg
Arc de Triomphe drive
Source  :  Spain_154.jpg
Arc de Triomphe
Source  :  Spain_155.jpg
Tour Eiffel
Source  :  Spain_156.jpg
Tour Eiffel though tree
Source  :  Spain_157.jpg
Two Gals
Source  :  Spain_158.jpg
Three Coffees
Source  :  Spain_159.jpg
Napolian Memorial
Source  :  Spain_160.jpg
Saint Pierre de Montmartre, next to Sacre Coeur
Source  :  Spain_161.jpg
View from Basilique du Sacré-Cœur
Source  :  Spain_162.jpg
View from Sacre Coeur- Tour Eiffel in background
Source  :  Spain_163.jpg
Source  :  Spain_164.jpg
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