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Romantic Bungalow in Livingstone
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Waterfall Shower
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Staff - their job supports their family network
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Vic Falls - huge fracture in the basalt plateau
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The titanic Zambezi is swallowed by a vast gullet and free falls 360 feet
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Wild animals are swept over yearly; 5s later they hit bottom & are found dead days later
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An awesome place for lunch
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Double ranbow over Vic Falls
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Zambia's Croc man - our guide on the Zambezi
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Kayaking up river from falls
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Island landing
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Bee tree
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Malachite Kingfisher
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The trp ended with a banquet of food
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Boat safari close to falls
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We pass by the African Queen
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Zambezi wedding! The groom waits on an island for bride's float which is filled with native song
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Landing, African song fills the island
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Victoria Falls in distance
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Beautiful off shoots of the Zambezi
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The islands offer a food source so elaphants risk forging
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Very-strong current. We watched, exalted, how agile and powerful elephants are
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White-browned Coucal
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White-Fronted Bee-Eater
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Apartments - White-Fronted Bee-Eaters
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White-Fronted Bee-Eater with bee
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Darter Fly-off
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Goliath Heron
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Gray Heron
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I want to do that
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suite up
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Girls first
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Micro check
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Thumbs up
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Take off
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Nothing between me and the falls except for my shoe
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Checking out the fractures
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Microlite over adjacent white rino park
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White Rinos
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Striped Kingfisher
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Safari next to Vic
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White Rine close-up
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Recent Rino Damage
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To market - chicken, child, water, wood!
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Market Take 1
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Take 2
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Livingston Market
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On To Upper Kafue River Zambia
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