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Welcome FL WSP
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Florida Winter Star Party
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Tippy Welcome - Thanks Willkie and Sharon
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Big on scope - small on tent
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Charlie Ed Vic Willkie Sharon Michael Bill Lou Ollie Donna
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No Name Pub
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This One has a Name
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For CAS's Friend Ron - Signed (and stappled to top corner wall above Bill) by Donna Sharon Willke Bill (Billy) and Michael (Otis)
Source  :  09WSP-009.jpg
Camp OHIO CAS and Canada
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Willkie searches for Venus during daylight
Source  :  09WSP-011.jpg
Willkie's Go-to as fast as a flick of the hair (well ok not THAT fast)
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Ed reading
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From OH and Canada Donna Michael Bill Vic Sharon Willkie Lou Ollie
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Unashamed Solar Astronomy
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Imaging Tak
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Schmit imager with flip mirror
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Telescope Hill - 1 of 3
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Telescope Dome Tent
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Telescope Hill - 2 of 3
Source  :  09WSP-020.jpg
Giant Binos for Comet Lunin
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Telescope Hill - 3 of 3
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Moon Barn
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Bill Burton
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Burton's ULURU
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Vic Wolfe Dob
Source  :  09WSP-027.jpg
Lou at his Orion 10 on Moon
Source  :  09WSP-028.jpg
Lou Ollie Ed
Source  :  09WSP-029.jpg
Packer with Rich Field Bino Viewer for Lunin and Herschel OC's
Source  :  09WSP-030.jpg
Moon and Venus through a Telrad
Source  :  09WSP-031.jpg
Moon Day 3
Source  :  09WSP-032.jpg
Willkie's Digital p&s - not bad but film p&s (which Willie took of Lunin with a barn-door wedge) still wins
Source  :  09-WSP-033.jpg
Ollie Ed and Donna
Source  :  09WSP-034.jpg
Pat and Charlie
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Astro Wi Fi (or die trying)
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All Night Cafe and Lounge
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Jeff's Store Front
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Astro Gizmos
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South Camera
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Disc Mounts
Source  :  09WSP-041.jpg
Meteor $5000 and dime - the best specimens on the planet
Source  :  09WSP-042.jpg
Go to sleep solid recliner mount
Source  :  09WSP-043.jpg
WSP fishes too
Source  :  09WSP-044.jpg
Read by day - Tea and stars at night
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Source  :  09WSP-046.jpg
Astronaut Talk - Stars in Space
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I Won!
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Raffle Fly By
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Walks of life (all photos from keys)
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